About Us

Our Philosophy

Your child's health is our number one priority.That's why ZoLi is committed to giving parents safe, worry-free solutions to real-life challenges. Through a dedication to environmentally friendly manufacturing, we provide parents with premium products made from the safest and best possible materials, ensuring a healthier future for your baby.

ZoLi's products blend substance, sustainability, and style for a modern design that both reflects and enhances it's utility. Our products are created to make parent's lives easier while growing a greener future for their children.

Meet The Founders

Julianna Shaw

A strong advocate for the environment, Julianna has made sustainability part of the company's core values. Like any mother, she tries to ensure everything she gives her children is safe. But after her first baby, she was amazed to discover how difficult it was to find safe products for her child and to stay informed about the right choices. Over the years, Julianna has become an expert because she needed to; her mission is to share this knowledge with other parents to make their lives easier. The combination of these core values with more than 15 years of executive management and product marketing experience – creating brands and launching products for companies like Safeway, Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Oral-B, Wells Fargo, and Hewlett Packard – gives her the foundation needed to develop and launch products successfully in the juvenile care market.

Chet Hong

As an entrepreneur, Chet recognized ZoLi's potential to become the leader in an underserved space by offering high-quality, practical baby products designed to be safe and eco-friendly. His expertise in launching companies and creating strong foundations for their long-term growth comes from more than 20 years of operational, sales, and business development experience. During that time, he has held executive positions with China.com and MediaWay, and has co-founded two successful technology companies and a management consulting firm whose clients included Fujitsu's Software and Computer Products group and Forrester Research. Chet's blend of expertise and entrepreneurial spirit makes him the ideal choice to manage ZoLi's sales and operational functions.